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How we started beekeeping.

We had wanted to have bees for a few years. We had a market garden in our backyard that could use more pollination.

We read lots of books, watched tons of YouTube videos and talked with beekeepers. We know that we wanted a few hives, how and when it would happen we did not know.

Then in early summer 2015 a swarm of bees found us! Casey was out checking on the garden and the air was alive. A swarm of bees was in the air. They landed in a tree close to the garden. We grabbed an empty box, a tree trimmer and some mosito netting for over our faces. We got the swarm into the box. Then we went to work making our first hive box. It took us 3 days and we made a top bar hive.

We still had lots to learn about bees. Every day with those bees was exciting for all of us. We loved watching them come and go and seeing them build and fill comb. Sadly they did not make it through the winter. But we knew bees had to be a part of our lives.

Now a few years later we have 100+ hives. Still loving all we learn from the bees.

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