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Community Supported Apiculture - Monthly Subscription - Large

Community Supported Apiculture - Monthly Subscription - Large

Welcome to our Community Supported Apiculture program! We are passionate about bees and their vital role in our ecosystem, and we invite you to join us in supporting and promoting sustainable beekeeping practices.

By subscribing to our program, you will receive a unique box every month filled with bee-related products and educational materials. Each box is carefully curated to provide you with a deeper understanding of the fascinating world of bees and their importance to our environment.

Through your subscription, you become an essential part of our mission to take the best care of our bees. The funds generated from the program enable us to invest in equipment, maintain healthy beehives, and teach new beekeepers.

What can you expect in your monthly box? Our team works diligently to bring you an exciting variety of items that showcase the wonders of apiculture. These may include:

  • Pure Honey: Experience the delightful flavors of local, raw honey produced by our own honeybees. Each batch is meticulously harvested, ensuring its superior quality and distinct taste.

  • Beeswax Products: Discover the versatility of beeswax through a range of handcrafted products such as candles, balms, and soaps. Beeswax is not only sustainable but also possesses natural properties that benefit your well-being.

  • Bee-Friendly Seeds: Help support bee populations by growing a bee-friendly garden. We include a selection of flower seeds that attract bees, providing them with abundant nectar and pollen sources.

  • Educational Materials: Deepen your knowledge about bees with informative materials, such as beekeeping guides, bee anatomy charts, and fascinating facts about their behavior and lifecycle. We believe that understanding bees is the key to their conservation.

  • Exclusive Discounts: As a valued subscriber, you gain access to exclusive discounts on future workshops or events related to our apiculture.

By joining our Community Supported Apiculture program, you not only enrich your own life with the wonders of bees but also actively contribute to the preservation of these essential pollinators. Together, we can ensure a sustainable future for bees and the natural world they support.

Subscribe today and embark on a journey of discovery and advocacy for the wonderful world of apiculture!

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    $45.00every month for 12 months
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    $47.50every month for 6 months
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